The Mentor Conference

Imagine the impact of hundreds of individuals transforming their communities and organizations throughout Southern California as they mentor the next generation.

This is the vision of The Mentor Conference, a two-day inter-generational conversation that will inspire, educate and engage people from every generation in the power of relational leadership.

The Mentor Conference

Opportunities To Engage

The Mentor Conference


The Mentor Conference


Friday Evening

6:00 Registration Opens
The Well Coffee House is Open

7:00 Plenary (Big Room Event)
Introduction to The Mentor Conference
TED Style* Speaker Presentations
Conversations as Community

9:30-11:30 Coffee House Concert

Saturday AM

7:00 Registration Opens
8:00 Plenary (Big Room Event)
TED Style* Speaker Presentations
Conversations as Community

10:00 Break
Free Coffee Service available and Espresso drinks for sale at the Well

10:30 Twelve Workshops in four categories
Leadership, Youth and Fatherless, Marriage, Marketplace Mentor Relationships)

12:00 Lunch (Included in Registration)

Saturday PM

1:30 Plenary (Big Room Event)
TED Style* Speaker Presentations
Conversations as Community

2:30 Break
Free Coffee Service available and Espresso drinks for sale at the Well

3:00 Twelve Workshops in four categories
Leadership, Youth and Fatherless, Marriage, and Marketplace Mentor Relationships

The Mentor Conference Concludes at 4:00, however the Staff will be around and the Well Will be opened until 5:00 to continue the conversation.

*TED Style – Each plenary session is a passionate, keenly crafted, motivating Talk on Mentor Relationships fashion after TED Talks, a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Checkout TED Talks online at

Learn from the experience of others in an interactive format.

The Mentor Conference Workshops

Saturday Morning Workshops

Jim & Debbie Hogan (Fireside)
“Who shepherds the shepherds? Mentoring ministry couples”

Melissa Beck (C202)
“Start something big–changing the lives of children for the better, forever”

Walter Wright & Lynn Ziegenfuss (C212)
“Every mentor needs mentoring”

Trent Lewis (D Amp)
“Who’s on deck? The value of multiple leaders”

Larry Acosta (D-201A)
“Developing next-gen leaders around you”

Karin Graves (D-201B)
“Taking someone under your wing–ministering through your remembering”

Marc Payan (D-202)
“Three keys to transformational mentor relationships”

Dean Del Sesto (D-203)
“Mentoring young leadership, it’s simply a different way in”

Bob Bernatz (D-204)
“The five gifts of a mentor”

Mike Sciarra & Ed Trenner (D-205A)
“The torch is passed–mentoring through ministry transitions”

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Bob Shank (Fireside)
“Mentors and protégés–what’s the agenda?”

Noah Elias (C202)
“Mentoring relationships & discovering the brand of you”

Walter Wright (C212)
“Relational leadership”

Rick Hicks (D Amp)
“All the pieces of the puzzle: personalizing The mentoring process to fit your personality”

Robert Yi (D-201A)
“Mentoring in the workplace, advancing corporate and kingdom values”

Helen Mitchell (D-201B)
“Women@work–united or divided in the marketplace?”

Mike Scairra (D-202)
“Leading the family tomorrow, investing in fathers”

Lynn Ziegenfuss (D-203)
“The mentor relationship–spiritual companionship”

John Sowers (D-204)
“Tools for the mentor”

Jeff Mattesich (D-205A)
“Coaching the quarterback. How to raise up younger leaders through mentoring relationships”

Roger Tirabassi (D-205B)
“Marriage mentoring nuts & bolts, what you need to build & sustain it”

Workshop Categories

There is no limit to the ways you can define, segment, and categorize the act and mentality of being a mentor. For the purposes of The Mentor Conference, we will be pursuing a holistic understanding of what it means to BE a mentor rather than what it means to DO mentoring. However we understand that certain situations and circumstances require difference mindsets and approaches, so we’ve broken down our program into these four primary categories in which you should BE a mentor and in which you should FIND a mentor.


Created to reflect the image of the God of Love, the patterns of healthy marriage are under attack; the proximity of family and marriage models is too often distanced or damaged. Couples in every season of life need mentors a few years ahead of them to draw on for insight, encouragement and example.

Youth and Fatherless

Every young person needs the encouragement, wisdom and attention of an adult outside of the parental circle. Sometimes this is additional to what a parent offers, others time this need is created by a uninvolved or absent parent. A mentor introduced into these young lives assists youth to pursue balanced maturity, growing in “wisdom, stature and favor with God and Man”

Marketplace and
Professional Mentoring

Wise counsel seasoned by personal experience that provides an example of what it takes to do your best (fulfill your potential) and to work from the heart (be driven by your passion), making your place of work a platform for ministry.


Leaders with lasting impact understand the importance of developing the next generation of leaders. Young leaders know the value of finding an experienced someone to show them the ropes. The biblical norm is servant leadership, this increases the need for healthy models of leading.

The Mentor Conference


First Evangelical Free Church
2801 Brea Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92835

The Mentor Conference is sponsored by
Between Two Trees and The Master’s Program.

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